A rare, extra virgin olive oil, a sumptuous gift of the Greek land, produced from an ancient olive grove in Greece, located on the island of Crete.

Only trees of the exclusively Greek Koroneiki variety are cultivated in this grove.

The oil is extracted under the painstaking care and love of its producers, who devote their entire lives to their continuous professional development and education, seeing as they grew up in families with a long tradition in olive tree cultivation.

Each tree is treated as a life form equal to man, therefore receiving all necessary care and nourishment.

The olive fruit is carefully collected by hand, using only natural methods and showcasing respect towards the natural environment.

Olive Variety 100% Koroneiki
Acidity 0.25
K268 0,14
K232 1,63
Peroxide 5,0 (max 20)
Polyphenols 280 mg/kg
Tocopherols concentration:224 mg/kg
Oleocanthal 188  mg/Kg
Oleacein 107  mg/kg
Oleuropein aglycon 80 mg/Kg
Oleuropeinaglycon (dialdehyde forms): 45 mg/Kg
Ligstroside aglycon 41 mg/Kg
Ligstroside aglycon(dialdehyde forms): 83 mg/Kg
Total hydroxytyrosol derivatives 232 mg/Kg
Total tyrosol derivatives 313  mg/Kg
Total 545  mg/Kg
Extraction First cold pressing
Storage In cool and dark place

Our olive oil is stored in certified HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 modern production and standardization facilities under strict hygiene standards.

Testing Certificate.

Health Claim Certificate.

The generosity of nature is not ignored after the harvest, as, on that same day, only three hours after their collection, the olives are cold pressed in very low temperatures (T<27oC). This process is realized under constantly regulated hygiene conditions in modern olive oil production facilities. The low temperatures during production contribute to the preservation of the high nutritional value and rich flavor of the olive juice.

Thanks to all this assiduous care and dedication, the Greek land can finally birth this excellent olive oil characterized by an intense fruit flavor, divine, peppery, and spicy aftertaste and a beautiful emerald color.

Right from the very first moment of production, its distinctive taste, rich texture, and captivating color act as indicators of its high polyphenol content, which is responsible for the numerous health benefits ascribed to olive oil.

EllinDor Ultra Premium is thoroughly examined in terms of quality and undergoes a series of qualitative controls carried out by strictly specialized personnel that pays attention to even the slightest of details.





Packing: A unique aesthetic product

The elegant glass bottle in the unique “green oak” color which will include EllinDor protects the product from exposure to light, to which olive oil is sensitive.

This bottle is entirely made of specially treated, environmental friendly glass and bears the Italian manufacturer’s certification that it complies with the current standards for food-contact materials.

On the unique glass bottle there is not an adhesive label. Alternatively, a special high technology process is used that guarantees indelible effect unchanged in time. The relief effect on the glass bottle creates a dynamic and memorable presence of unique beauty and elegance.

The exquisite glass bottle is placed like a real gem in a luxurious, hand-made casket. Inside this luxury casket the olive oil is protected by being delicately embraced, as is right for any “treasure”.

To respond to all requirements, the beautiful caskets are available in two color options: black and white. On the surface and inside, our logo and our messages are presented in relief, with the use of special advanced technology which adds a touch of uniqueness and innovative elegance.

Leading Greek craftsmen join their forces to create this magical product, as all components used for its production are handmade.

Customization options

The elegant caskets that enclose the precious treasure EllinDor provide countless customization options. Fine letters, messages, business logos or family crests can be engraved on the surface or inside the case, making it a unique and personalized gift.

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