Ultra Premium EllinDor is on top once more and is now the most award-winning Greek extra virgin olive oil for 2017 !!!

Gold Prestige Award for Ultra Premium EllinDor at International Olive Oil Competition TERRAOLIVO MIOOC 2017.

The most important international olive oil competition in the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia region and among
the top five international competitions in the world ranking !!!

Ultra Premium EllinDor
Gold Prestige Award TERRAOLIVO MIOOC 2017 !!!

A very important distinction that is a special value to us but also a great responsibility !!!



One more surprise for 2017!!!

Ultra Premium EllinDor made us proud again by winning the Gold Medal in Italy!

DOMINA International Olive Oil Contest, 3-7 May 2017, Palermo, Italy.
It’s the biggest contest in Italy and one between the first five international contests in world ranking!!!

Ultra Premium ΕllinDor
Gold Award



We are delighted to announce you that EllinDor is now among the best olive oils in the world!

At Internationl Olive Oil Contest of New York, EllinDor managed to distinguish between 910 samples from 27 countries and to be included in best olive oil’s world list.

Internationl Olive Oil Contest “New York 2017”, Ultra Premium EllinDor, Silver Award.



Another one award for our Ultra Premium Olive Oil EllinDor, that makes us particularly proud! With great honor we announce
you this result of the International Contest “ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2017” in which we participated for first time with great success!

Ultra Premium Olive Oil EllinDor was distinguished once again winning the “Tasted, tested & True High Phenolic Aristoleo
Award 2017 “.

The awarding of the prizes will take place during a conference organized by the company “Aristoleo” in collaboration with
the University of Cyprus on 6-7 May 2017 in Nicosia.

With great joy we received on Sunday 19/03/2017 the Bronze Award “KOTINOS 2017” in category “strong fruity intensity”. The ceremony took place in the conference hall of the International Exhibition of Food FOODEXPO 2017.

Ultra Premium Olive Oil EllinDor constantly demonstrates its excellent quality and manages to stand out in a difficult year.

Such an award demonstrates the painstaking care and love of our producers to olive tree.

We dedicate this prize to our producers, that treats each olive tree as a human being and led us to this success!

Many congratulations to our producer group!

Photos from the awarding


With great pleasure we announce you, our distinction in 3rd Cretan Olive Oil Contest held in Rethymno on 11-12 of March 2017. Beyond the success, of Ultra Premium Olive Oil EllinDor, in the international contest “KOTINOS 2017”, it made us proud again for second straight time, winning honors in the 3rd Cretan Olive Oil Contest.

The awarding took place at Sentido Pearl Beach Hotel in Rethymno in a special event, dedicated in olive oil of Crete.


Photos from the awarding


It is a great honor and pride to announce you the results of the International Contest “KOTINOS 2017” in which we participated for first time with great success!

Ultra Premium Olive Oil EllinDor made us proud, since it was distinguished between other olive oils, by winning the bronze award in category “Robust Intensity
of Fruitiness”.

The awarding will take place in the International Fair of Food “FOODEXPO 2017” at the Exhibition Center Metropolitan Expo (Airport EL.VENIZELOS), during an
event-conference, organized by “FILAIOS” on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 16:00 to 18:00.