Official regular member of the GS1 Association of Greece.

The validity of the barcodes used around the world is certified exclusively through the GS1 GEPIR international registry.

The global registry of valid GS1 Barcodes includes approximately 2,500,000 enterprises from 115 countries around the world.

The GS1 codes of EllinDor are registered in the global registry of GS1 codes, also known as GEPIR, !!!

GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry)



GEPIR is the only international online search platform for GS1 codes, and it constitutes an important tool for the GS1 as it certifies code validity.

It includes all valid GS1 codes of its member enteprises at a global level, through the connection with its national member organizations.

It is internationally accepted as the only valid source for the code-based search of enterprises.


Download the iGepir application on your phone!