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The generosity of nature is not ignored after the harvest, as, on that same day, only three hours after their collection, the olives are cold pressed in very low temperatures (T<27oC). This process is realized under constantly regulated hygiene conditions in modern olive oil production facilities. The low temperatures during production contribute to the preservation of the high nutritional value and rich flavor of the olive juice.

Thanks to all this assiduous care and dedication, the Greek land can finally birth this excellent olive oil characterized by an intense fruit flavor, divine, peppery, and spicy aftertaste and a beautiful emerald color.

Right from the very first moment of production, its distinctive taste, rich texture, and captivating color act as indicators of its high polyphenol content, which is responsible for the numerous health benefits ascribed to olive oil.

EllinDor Ultra Premium is thoroughly examined in terms of quality and undergoes a series of qualitative controls carried out by strictly specialized personnel that pays attention to even the slightest of details.