The olive tree and olive in Modern Greece


Greece at 3rd place in world olive oil production

More than 750 million olive trees are currently being cultivated in the world, the 95% of which are found in Mediterranean countries.

Greece holds third place after Spain and Italy in global olive oil production.
60% of the cultivated soil in Greece is occupied by olive groves rendering it the country with the largest number of olive varieties, with Koroneiki being the most awarded and well-known of them all.

Greece counts more than 130 million olive trees, with average production in recent years approximating 300,000 tons of olive oil.



Greece at 1st place in olive oil quality

In terms of olive oil quality, Greece ranks first worldwide, seeing as a staggering 75-80% of its annual production is extra virgin olive oil, compared to the corresponding 40-45% in Italy and 25-30% in Spain.

Crete, where our olive oil is produced, boasts a production of which the 95% is of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

The total production of olive oil in Crete, which averages 100,000 tons per year, has improved qualitatively in spectacular fashion in recent decades, with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil occupying the majority of production.


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