Anti-tumorigenic effects

Anti-tumorigenic effects

A scientific study proved that the essence of olive oil known as oleocanthal possesses antitumorigenic properties. The results of the study were published on January 23, 2015.

The following researchers: nutritional scientist Paul Breslin (University of Rutgers), biologist David Foster (Hunter College), and chemist Onica Le Gendre (Hunter College), discovered during a laboratory study that the component called oleocanthal can cause a part of the cancer cell to burst, thus releasing enzymes and leading to its death, without harming any healthy cells.

Although suspicions that oleocanthal could potentially kill cancer cells had been voiced in the past, that was the first time a scientific study had examined the actual process of this phenomenon. It confirmed the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of extra virgin olive oil as well as the benefits of a diet rich in olive oil, such as the Mediterranean Diet.

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