The initial vision of the Gerakianakis family was permeated by their respect for tradition combined with youthful passion, dynamism, and expertise; that vision was eventually realized to produce the highest quality products.

The brothers, carrying the heavy legacy of “tradition” regarding the cultivation of the Greek land and the production of Greek products inherited from their parents and grandparents, felt a fervent desire to supply the “gifts of the Greek land” to every corner of the world, in order to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the natural wealth of Greece.

Their journey began as a mere dream and a wish to share the treasures of the Greek soil, to finally achieve the production of EllinDor, the “ambassador” of the “gifts of the Greek land” to the entire world.

The knowledge and expertise of the Gerakianakis family combined with their deep love for tradition constitutes their guarantee for the high quality of their premium products; their “gifts from the Greek land”.