EllinDor has received excellent training and has acquired extensive knowledge in order to search for the best Greek products – gifts to provide to its customers.

It has become an olive oil connoisseur as it has participated in thematic and experiential tasting classes organized by a specialized organization recognized by the International Olive Council (IOC).

Olive oil tasting is an art of high difficulty and complexity performed by highly trained olive oil sommeliers.

High quality olive oil leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste and a slight burning sensation in the throat, as if it were spicy. An indicator of a high quality olive oil (organoleptic evaluation criteria) is its “fruity”, “bitter”, and “spicy” flavor.

EllinDor Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is distinguished by its intense fruity flavor and unique bitterness which combines with a spicy aftertaste to capture perfection and render the product unequalled in terms of quality.